A H Décor & Design International is the exclusive distributor for Novawall products in Australia and New Zealand.

We also install fabric acoustic walls using Novawall tracking system.

We have been specialising in Fabric Upholstered Walls and Computer Produced Murals on Fabric since 1970. During this time we have been active in installations in Theaters, Home Theaters, Office Blocks, Hotels, Legal Buildings, studios and many more.

With Novawall we use acoustic infill and fabric of your choice to provide acoustic control, softness and a unique look.

Novawall is a site-fabricated stretched fabric panel system with continuous perimeter track profile mounted directly to a substrate. System will provide for face fabric to be perfectly tensioned over supporting core materials, whilst leaving the fabric floating free over the core surface.

The System will allow for the removal and replacement of the fabric facing from individual panels. Removal of fabric shall allow access to surface behind fabric without dismantling, removal or replacement of track members or core.