Architectural Details

Novawall Architectural Details

The information in this section is intended to provide the architect, designer and end user with architectural details that can be easily be included in drawings or sketches. These details are organized by systems, i.e., square, bevel, radius and reveal. In general, NOVAWALL does not recommend mixing system types within the same elevation, e.g., using bevel edges with reveal Midseams.

Using the Typical NOVAWALL Details, you are free to specify:

  • Panel Thickness
  • Fabric (See Fabric Selection tab for additional advice on fabric selection)
  • Core Material
  • Panel Width and Height
  • Panels that Incorporate Curves as viewed in Elevation or Plan
  • Non-Right Angles in Elevation or Plan (Right angles are not mandatory)
  • Dramatic Grid Configurations


The following NOVAWALL systems are available.

  • 13mm Square
  • 13mm Weltless
  • 13mm Concealed Square Edge
  • 25mm Square
  • 25mm Weltless
  • 25mm Radius
  • 25mm Bevel
  • 25mm Concealed
  • 25mm Square with 3mm Reveal
  • 25mm Square with 6mm Reveal
  • 25mm Square with 12mm Reveal
  • Multi-Inch System